Jewelry, Limit $5

Item 1: Silver Pendant inset with Gaspeite Denise's Price: $1 Retail: $415 (note from Jackie: no documentation has been provided to support this assertion) Location: Garage sale Denise's Story: After my mum scooped up any jewellery of value, I rifled through her leftovers.  This is a sliver pendant with a smooth bezel and rope braid... Continue Reading →

Kitchenware, Limit $3

Item 1: Teak Baribocraft Butter Dish Retail Price: $40 Jackie's Price: $2.5 Source: Old Mill Boathouse Garage Sale Jackie's Story: (Note and Warning to Readers: I discovered this item at a garage sale that Denise "mistakingly" gave me the wrong date for and I would have missed altogether if I hadn't double checked the morning of.... Continue Reading →

Kitchenware, Limit $3.00

Item 1: Vintage Soehnle Kitchen Food Scale Jackie's Price: $2.50 Retail Price: $40 Source: Orphan Aid Thrift Store Jackie's Story: Sure, it's going to be handy to have something to find out what the heck a two pound chicken actually looks like the next time I am cooking up a storm (and by me, of... Continue Reading →

Home Electronics, Limit $35

Item 1: Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Jackie's price: $35 Retail Price: $90 Source: Orphan Aid Thrift Store Jackie's Story: Ever had the urge to chew on a length of barbed wire? Then you may want to consider requesting a gum grafting procedure. About three months ago my dental hygienist told me that my gums were eroding,... Continue Reading →

Double Round! $15 & $10

ROUND ONE: Random House Stuff Category, $15 Item 1: Little Tikes Walker Jackie's Price: $15 Retail Price: $60 Source: Share Society Thrift Store Jackie's Story: This little baby got to have her first taste of peer envy thanks to the Brand New In Box walker that I thrifted from the Share Society on the weekend! It plays... Continue Reading →

Collectibles, Limit $10

Item #1: Singer Sewing Machine Retail Price: $400 Denise's Price: $10 Source: Restore Denise's Story: Have you been to Restore?  You never know what you will find there ranging from building supplies to beautiful antiques for thousands of dollars to lots and lots of toilets.  I go there maybe once a month just to check... Continue Reading →

Kitchenware, Limit $5

Item #1: Vintage Hobnail Decanter Denise's Price: $5 Retail Value: Anywhere from $40 to $202 US   Denise's Story: This 1950's Vintage hobnail green glass decanter (aka genie bottle) was made in Italy.  I picked this green beauty up at a garage sale from a lady who was moving in with her sister.  In deciding what to... Continue Reading →

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