Kitchenware, Limit $5

Item #1: Vintage Hobnail Decanter

  • Denise’s Price: $5
  • Retail Value: Anywhere from $40 to $202 US

Round 2 Genie BottleFTW


Round 2 Genie Bottle (1)

Denise’s Story:

This 1950’s Vintage hobnail green glass decanter (aka genie bottle) was made in Italy.  I picked this green beauty up at a garage sale from a lady who was moving in with her sister.  In deciding what to buy this is what went through my mind: I had an epiphany!  I’m okay, hoarding is on a continuum, everyone is on it somewhere. $5 price point so I won’t be too upset when my cat breaks it.  I passed up a macrame owl wall hanging (that my children vehemently hate) because I already have one.  I thought my owl was one of a kind but apparently there was a pattern being passed around in the ’70’s.

Item #2: Regent Sheffeld Steak Knife Set

  • Jackie’s Price: $2
  • Retail Price: About $7


Jackie’s Story:

Sure, these knives weren’t worth as much as I thought when I first stumbled upon them at the Salvation Army. However, what they do offer is a unique glimpse into a magical chapter of the recent past.

The knives were made in England by the Regent Sheffeld company, which was stablished in 1839 in (no surprise) Sheffield and quickly became the number one knife brand in the UK. By the 1950’s, ‘Made in Sheffeld’ was recognized worldwide as a mark of cutlery excellence and the town boomed. As one writer described it: “Fullwood Road on the east side of the city was known as ‘Millionaire’s Row,’ because so many wealthy cutlers lived there.”  (Yes, ‘cutler’ is your new word fo the day). However, with increase competition from producers in Asia and the decline of formal dining, the company and the many others like it populating the once posh town fell to despair and it’s operations officially closed in 2007.

Though the world these knives were meant for–one of trifles, polished buttons, and evening strolls through tulip gardens–no longer exists. But each time I use them I am reminded that it did once, and part of me even goes there. And that, my darlings, is priceless.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherina says:

    Bakelite handles – I remember those…. love the history behind these steak knives
    Beautiful decanter, funny owl story
    I am going for practical


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment and voting, Catherina! Are you saying you voted for the decanter because what is more practical or necessary than a giant decanter filled with wine?


  2. Lana says:

    I love that you guys are doing this.


    1. Thanks, Lana! We are glad you are enjoying it.


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