Collectibles, Limit $10

Item #1: Singer Sewing Machine

  • Retail Price: $400
  • Denise’s Price: $10
  • Source: Restore


Denise’s Story:

Have you been to Restore?  You never know what you will find there ranging from building supplies to beautiful antiques for thousands of dollars to lots and lots of toilets.  I go there maybe once a month just to check it out, not looking for anything specific.  I almost walked by this little desk and stopped to look at it, musing about it’s potential.  Then I realized it was sewing table that opens up and inside is a beautiful black and gold WORKING Singer sewing machine. This machine was made in 1935 making it an amazing 82 years old. And for only $10!  This should all be in CAPS to express how excited I was!  It just needs a good cleaning to get it shining again.  There was another one sitting beside it for $40 and I opened it thinking it would be even more special but it was a much newer model and just didn’t have the character, beauty and detail.

Item #2: Bunnykins Mug

  • Retail Price: $40 – 60
  • Jackie’s Price: $10
  • Source: Value Village


Jackie’s Story:

Oddly, I don’t have a lot of memories from my childhood–aside from the time I watched my dad douse the pink, satin-lined blanket that was basically my first real friend in life with lighter fluid and set it on fire. In fact, now that I think about it, that might explain my memory loss. And over-attachment to red wine.

But one thing I do remember is my Bunnykins mug and bowl set. Like all of the pieces in this Royal Doulton chinaware line from the 1930s, each one featured adorable rabbit scenes in the style of a classic English children’s book.

I adored and cherished this tableware as a child and was very excited to have the opportunity to pass on that joy to my new baby girl when I stumbled upon this mug last weekend.

To be fair to my dad, I probably will traumatize my children plenty of times before I’m done with them. But at least when she grows up my daughter will now be able to drink her merlot in style.


  • Housewares Category
  • $4 Limit

Item 1: Denise’s Tiny Planters

planter (1).jpg

Item 2: Jackie’s Child-safe Electrical Outlet Covers



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