Double Round! $15 & $10

ROUND ONE: Random House Stuff Category, $15

Item 1: Little Tikes Walker

Jackie’s Story:

This little baby got to have her first taste of peer envy thanks to the Brand New In Box walker that I thrifted from the Share Society on the weekend! It plays music, lights up, makes a fun rattling sound, and has a carrying basket where Atlin can put her Gucci clutch when she’s out cruising. All the other babies were totally jealous of her sweet ride when we took it to the playground. One even tried to steal it (of course, he also tried to eat a pile of wood chips so he may not have been the most discriminating kid on the block)!

Either way, I’m pretty sure Atlin is on her way to being the next Queen of the Mean Girls thanks to this awesome set of wheels. And that, my darlings, is priceless.


Item 2: Underwood Touch-Master Five Typewriter

  • Retail Price: 1971 – $140, today $120
  • Denise’s Price: $15 + embarrassment (priceless!)
  • Source: Garage Sale/ Some random dude’s lawn

Denise’s Story:

This Underwood Touch-Master Five manual typewrite is considered one of the last true Underwoods with its solid cast iron frame and being one of the last desktop models produced at the Underwood factory in the early 1960’s. The 50 year old typewriter is in mint condition and includes the cover, extra ribbon and bill of sale. Mrs. Cassidy purchased it in 1971 for $140.75 which, with inflation, would equal $736.84 today! I bought this at a garage sale at the same address on the bill of sale. The family’s mother was the owner of the house and it was her typewriter. I thought it was interesting to have this small glimpse into someone’s life, knowing that she lived in the house at least since 1971 and owned the Underwood for 46 years.

They were asking $20 for the typewriter but I asked for a deal because of the overly friendly overtures of Mr. Cassidy – someone had to pay for the harassment. I’m not sure if he was Mr. Cassidy senior or junior but he was roughly 75 years old. To be clear, I have nothing against May-December romances and this is not a case of ageism! At first, I didn’t realize Mr. Cassidy was interested in hooking up but it became apparent quickly as he was a direct man. It was his sister, Mrs. Cassidy’s daughter, who was doing the pricing and I think she felt embarrassed for me and took $5 off the price.

For extra bonus points, Denise also wanted to point out/show off that she was “given” this Grill Gazebo (retail price$199.99) which she picked up for free (I suspect in the dead of night but she claims otherwise) from some stranger’s yard…    gazebo 2

ROUND TWO: Clothing, $10

Jackie’s Haul:

  • Retail Value: $80 (One pair of boys sport shoes, one boys Under Armour shirt)
  • Source: Value Village Coquitlam, Share Society Thrift Store

Denise’s Haul:

*thanks to Jordan for waiving her usual modelling fee in exchange for room and board.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherina says:

    Awesome finds ladies….. very hard decision on both categories…..again, hilarious and fun stories…. keep them coming. Also, the pictures are great…… Atlin and Denise’s pets… of those puppies must be Frankie…..


    1. Thanks for voting, Catherina!

      Yes, the white dog is Frankie and the other is Rascal. Jackie and I will be out hitting the streets looking for good finds this weekend. You are welcome to join us anytime as a guest competitor!

      Happy thrifting,
      Denise (winner) & Jackie (loser)


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