Home Electronics, Limit $35

Item 1: Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

Jackie’s Story:

Ever had the urge to chew on a length of barbed wire? Then you may want to consider requesting a gum grafting procedure.

About three months ago my dental hygienist told me that my gums were eroding, most likely as a result of over-brushing. I thought he was joking. I mean, how could doing the thing that was supposed to be good for my mouth have the complete opposite effect? It was like being told eating too much kale had put me at risk for heart failure.

Sadly, my hygienist hadn’t been sampling the Nitrous Oxide and I have since found out that gums basically turn into strawberry pudding as you age. And that, if I don’t want to go through the trauma that is gum grafting again, I need to be adopt a much gentler oral hygiene routine. He suggested a Sonicare electric toothbrush–which is why I was very excited to stumble upon this brand new toothbrush at Orphan Aid Thrift Store (and believe me, after what I paid for the grafting procedure, I can use all the money saving I can get).

Items 2 & 3:

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Danish Teak Floor Lamp

  • Retail Price: $350
  • Denise’s Price:  $20
  • Source:  ReStore

Teak Lamp, WinnerDSCF6986 (2)

Denise’s Story:

It wasn’t love at first sight but pretty darn close to it.  This beautiful “praying mantis” style lamp caught my eye as soon as I walked into ReStore; however, I was sure it would be too expensive.  By too expensive, I mean over $10 because I am the definition of thrifty.  On the way out of the store, I stopped and looked at it and thought what the heck, I really like it so I’ll check the price.  There was no price on it so I had to ask, all the time mentally thinking “let it be under $40” and when I was told it would be $20 I decided to set aside hours every day to manifesting winning the lotto and quitting my job.  But I digress.  They even tested it and threw in a free lightbulb!  I had no clue it was vintage and certainly no idea that it was teak and worth $350.  I appreciated the lines of it, the simplicity, the fact they factored the cord into the design and have a groove for it.  *Check out the book I’m reading.

Wii Haul:  4 remotes, 4 nunchuks, Super Mario Bros, Skylanders Giants, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders Starter Pack (figures)

  • Denise’s Price: $16
  • Retail Price: $410.60
  • Source:  Garage sale


My spidey senses were tingling and I decided to stop at this garage sale.  I felt really, really old as a 15 and 10 year old explained the games and why the remotes looked “different” to me (because the nunchuks were attached).  They were lovely girls, not condescending at all.  I ended up just buying what they told me to.  I feel a little guilty now at paying so little but their parents were right there supervising.  My daughter, Taylor, happily reinforced how old I was, in a definitely condescending way, when we played the games together.  I’m sure this purchase will provide lots of opportunities for the girls to mock me.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherina says:

    I did have a small graft done years ago, so I do sympathize with Jackie. Brushing your teeth too much is a new one on me too. I hope your new Sonic treasure does the trick. Hard choice this week ladies. Denise’s lamp was really cool, and I like the ‘preying mantis’ description, – makes one afraid to sit by it? I love teak and its a practical item.
    What can I say…. it was a difficult decision once again….sigh


    1. Denise says:

      Hello to our favourite commentator, Catherina! I appreciate your technique in playing both sides here and not giving away who you voted for. Why don’t you get in the ring with us? Yeah, I just threw down the gauntlet.


  2. Denise Alexander says:

    Denise the lamp is fabulous, if I still lived there I would have pushed you into the wall. Also tell Jackie I had the gum grafting in 3 places seven months ago. It caused me to quit smoking after almost 50 years. I was so doped up on painkillers time passed unknowingly.


    1. Hi Denise #2 (‘cuz I’m #1)! HA! Yes, you would have pushed me into the wall AND refused to give me a ride home. You and John were the best neighbours ever! I still fondly recall our Saturday mornings loading up your van with garage sale finds. Hey, you can enter the People’s Round long distance and show us how it’s done.


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