Kitchenware, Limit $3.00

Item 1: Vintage Soehnle Kitchen Food Scale

  • Jackie’s Price: $2.50
  • Retail Price: $40
  • Source: Orphan Aid Thrift Store

scaleFullSizeRender_6 (2)

Jackie’s Story:

Sure, it’s going to be handy to have something to find out what the heck a two pound chicken actually looks like the next time I am cooking up a storm (and by me, of course I mean my husband), but the real reason this squat green circle caught my attention was the four little words printed across its side: ‘Made in West Germany.’

Although the Soehnle company continues to be one of the world leaders in scale manufactures, this model was evidently produced before the Berlin wall came down (I challenge anyone to not immediately start hearing The Travelling Wilburys in their head right now). Thus, like quartz parrots, arrow heads, and pay phones, this kitchen scale is not just a kitchen scale but a historical artefact–telling the story of one of the most exciting political triumphs of modern history, one gram at at time.

Item 2: Vintage 1960’s Glass Cluster Vase

  • Denise’s Price: $3
  • Retail Price: $56.23
  • Location:  Como Lake Church Thrift Store

DSCF7036 (2) 2DSCF7040 (3)

Denise’s Story:

This little gem was hidden underneath some baskets and reminded me of lab test tubes. I wouldn’t have checked the value of it except for this competition. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is vintage and has appreciated at a rate of 1,800%!  While it’s intended use is as a vase and it’s referred to as a pansy ring, it has the bonus use of being a crown and is great for improving posture.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Denise Alexander says:

    perfect crown for you Denise #2


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