Kitchenware, Limit $3

Some people think kitchen’s are for cooking. And then there are those of us that know they are just another decorating opportunity. For everyone who microwaves frozen pizzas because how do you even turn on the oven?, we bring you this week’s challenge.

Item 1: Teak Baribocraft Butter Dish

  • Retail Price: $40
  • Jackie’s Price: $2.5
  • Source: Old Mill Boathouse Garage Sale



Jackie’s Story:

(Note and Warning to Readers: I discovered this item at a garage sale that Denise “mistakingly” gave me the wrong date for and I would have missed altogether if I hadn’t double checked the morning of. Do not underestimate what she is capable of)

I chose this dish because I needed somewhere to put butter, and discovered a little piece of Canadiana in the process.

Apparently the manufacturer of this piece, Baribocraft, was a Quebec-based company that produced teak and maple woodenware in the 60s and 70s. No longer in operations, their products–which range from breadboxes to coat hangers–are now considered collectors items. In fact, celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver collects Baribocraft bowls and is quoted on his blog forum stating, ‘The only thing I look around for is Baribocraft woodenware from Montreal. I have a small collection but I love big wooden bowls, actually, I love bowls for some reason and have so many I don’t even use them, lol!’

It’s not often that Canada makes it on the world culinary stage for something other than than maple syrup and smoked salmon. But thanks to Baribocraft, we are. And every time I butter my toast from now I will be reminded of that.

Item 2: 1960s Hiesterholz Keramik Slow Coffee Pot, Filter and Warmer

  • Denise’s Price:  $2.75
  • Retail:  $45
  • Source:  St. Stephen’s Church

teapot2 (1)teapot (1)

Denise’s Story:

This is one of my favourite little church thrift stores!  They are only open once a month so they have created a sense of anticipation (maybe it’s only me).  This week they advertised on Craigslist with the added enticement that the whole store would be 50% off.  I had some anxiety that the store would be overrun with civilians.  When my mother and I arrived early, the front doors were already open!  We scoured the store for treasures and I found this labeled as a teapot which it could be used for but it was originally intended as a coffee pot and made in the 1960s in West Germany.  I asked myself, “What would Catherina think?  Is it useful?  Yes.  Is it practical? Yes.”  I hope you are happy, Catherina, knowing you have influenced me.  Plus anything from the 1960s is awesome (which includes me).


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherina says:

    Gracious me, it becomes more difficult to make a decision as the weeks go on….. me and my big lips…. yes Denise, the German slow coffee pot rocks, only because its practical and I love coffee. However, I love butter too, and Canada and teak! Diane’s bracelet reminded me of Cleopatra, so I had to vote for Diane, and it was an awesome deal (if Denise is telling the truth about what it is really worth). The butter dish won me over – I almost voted for the brooch because the story was hilarious, and interesting…..Jackie, I gather you are a leg man? LOL…. awesome stories from you both….made my afternoon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ummmmm…yes, thanks for your comment questioning my integrity and not voting for me, Catherina! 🙂


  2. jackie Amsden says:

    Ha ha thanks CUTIE!!


  3. Scott says:

    Had to go with the coffee pot, just ’cause I find pictures of butter disturbing.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Sir. I find your issues with butter disturbing (but interesting).


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