Housewares, Limit $3

What makes your home sparkle? This week’s challenge is all about those little things that give us that ruby-slipper-style “There’s No Place Like Home” feeling.

Item 1: Aromatherapy Diffuser & Two Essential Oils New/Full

  • Denise’s Price: $2
  • Retail Price:  $36.99
  • Source: Coquitlam City-wide Garage Sale

Denise’s Story:

We were in it for the long haul on Saturday.  My mother, Diane, and I hit up 37 garage sales between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, no bathroom breaks allowed so we rationed our liquids.  We considered it an endurance race and training for the Antarctic Ice Marathon.  The women holding this garage sale looked like they had either just completed a marathon or given up part way through.  There were three generations of women, the teenager, the mother and the grandmother, slumped in the only shady spot in the front yard.  It looked they had started the day off in lawn chairs but abandoned those spots when the temperature reached 29 degrees.  With the combination of the heat, lack of food and water, my mother and I were starting to wind down but I was driven to beat Jackie and find the Holy Grail of garage sales.

I found this Aromatherapy Diffuser, measuring cup plus two Saje essential oil blends that were new/full (yoga and well-being) for only $2! The diffuser has seven coloured light settings, a timer, emits cool mist and infuses harmony, peacefulness and positivity into your environment.  Also, many essential oils are anti-microbial and, when in the air in vapor form, the organic compounds within the oils come into direct contact with airborne pathogens before they can invade your body. Essential oils can also be used to boost the immune system.  And here I thought it just smelled nice.  You should be seeing a big difference in me – more peaceful and emitting positivity so it’s a gift for everyone.

Item 2: Set of 4 Vintage Vetravir Italian Glass Tumblers

  • Retail Price: $30
  • Jackie’s Price: $3
  • Source: Coquitlam City-wide Garage Sale

Jackie’s Story:

“By the way, there’s a Coquitlam-wide garage sale on Saturday that you might want to go to,” said Denise as she paused for a moment in front of my cubicle.

“Oh, wow,” I said, my eyes widening in shock.

It was late Thursday afternoon at the Teaching and Learning Centre and things had been a little tense between us ever since my victory the week before. Sure, Denise had beat me every time before that but I understood that it was hard for her to accept a loss. It hardly even bothered me when she slashed my tires. However, apparently things were about to change. Not only was she talking to me again, but she was offering me a helpful tip! “Thanks! That’s super nice of you to tell me,” I added. A grin spread across my face.

“Don’t get so excited,” said Denise, rolling her eyes. “I’m only telling you so you don’t whine at me on Monday.”

Luckily the high-pitched drilling sound overhead drowned out my sobs.


I only managed to make it to seven garage sales at the Coquitlam-wide event the following day. But on one of those stops I was lucky enough to come across this set of Italian tumblers from the 1940s. They were sitting in the driveway of a 70ish man named Fred. What I love is that they were still in the original packaging, evidently having sat the last 75 years in Fred’s basement. Not only that, but the glass has a delicate, fine craftsmanship that I rarely see in modern tumblers. Best of all, Fred said they are unbreakable.

Unlike, of course, my heart.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherina says:

    Sorry Denise, I had to vote for Jackie’s awesome buy of the Italian tumblers. Not only are they very practical but also great quality and craftsmanship and brand new.
    I enjoyed both your stories this week. I had to laugh out loud at Jackie’s comment about you slashing her tires, lol. And I could see in your story, Denise, the three generations of the female gender looking completely shriveled up in their chairs, lol.
    I like it best when there are at least 2 categories to vote on.


    1. jackie Amsden says:

      LOL Catherina. Thanks for the comment! Glad you are so hungry for thrifts : )


  2. Scott says:

    Jackie, great ending to your story! It’s just like all my favourite Harlequin Romance novels.
    “they are unbreakable, Unlike, of course, my heart.”. How could I possible say no to that!!
    Sorry Denise.


    1. jackie Amsden says:

      IN YOUR FACE DENISE!…I mean, Dear Scott thank your for your positive comments.


    2. Yes, you will be sorry Scott.


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