Collectibles, Limit $2

Gollum isn’t the only with something precious. Check out this week’s selection of things that make our hearts throb (but hopefully don’t cost us a finger in the process).

Item 1: Vintage Beauceware Canada Pottery Bowl

  • Denise’s Price:  $2 per bowl x 6 = $12 total
  • Retail Price:  $120
  • Source: Church


Denise’s Story:

Something unheard of happened on Saturday – I didn’t feel like going to the thrift stores!  I was suffering from a broken heart and no vintage item could fix it.  My frenemy Scott had cheated on me.  It was devastating to discover his betrayal with Jackie. But I didn’t want to be reported as a missing person when I didn’t show up at the thrift store so I forced myself to go.

I came across these pottery soup bowls which are in perfect condition and most likely produced in the late 1960’s.  The bowls are an amazing vibrant and intense blue.  I questioned the $2 price tag as being a bit steep but worth it as I absolutely love the colour plus they are useful.  Also, I think it’s kind of neat to be buying something vintage that is no longer being produced, like buying a limited edition.  I have several other pieces of Beauceware so these bowls officially make it a collection.

Some interesting Canadiana:  Beauceware was a Canadian company started in 1939 in Beauce, Quebec, and originally called Ceramique de Beauce Inc.  It was started as a project to train young farmers and tradesmen to prevent migration to larger industrial centres.  The English trademark Beauceware was created 1965 for exportation.  In 1974, this little company was making 1.5 million and considered the number one ceramic producer in Canada.  The company closed in 1989 but you can visit the museum in St. Joseph de Beauce (really!).

Item 2: Liz Claiborne Heels


Jackie’s Story:

Oh Denise. All those migraine pain-killers are going to your head.

I mean, sure, Scott clearly prefers me even though we’ve never met and have only exchanged a few WordPress comments whereas you two have been friends for like, years. But whatevs. Don’t take it so personally.

What matters is that these adorable black bows on these shoes. And did I mention Liz Claiborne?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll take a little Hollywood glamour over maple-syrup-stained overalls any day.


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