Home Organization, Limit $10

They say a messy home is the sign of a creative person. Still, a girl needs to be prepared when a style emergency hits and she can’t do that if she’s rooting through last week’s dirt laundry–which is why this week’s challenge is all about organizers.

Item 1: Mainstay Closet Organizer

  • Denise’s Price:  $9.99
  • Retail Price:  $55
  • Source: Value Village


Denise’s Story:

I guarantee you the “before” shot is not staged (sadly and embarassingly)!  I have the first world dilemma of having a small closet and a large wardrobe.  The only good thing about the “before” closet was being pleasantly surprised to find clothing that I’d forgotten I had because it was so crammed.


The closet organizer was easy to install and maximizes the space but I can still only fit one season in the closet, poor me.  I think it’s very brave of me to embrace my hoarding tendencies and find ways to cope.

Item 2: Teak Shower Caddy

  • Jackie’s Price: $2
  • Retail Price: $145
  • Source: Port Moody Secondary School Korean Parent’s Yard Sale


Jackie’s Story:

To start, I feel very thankful that Denise has finally admitted she has a hoarding problem. We all know that is the first step in the long journey toward recovery. Did I mention she has 8 inflatable snowmen and an 11-foot long shuffle board? I can only pray that her cat really did run away last spring and didn’t get pinned underneath a mountain of Yellow Page phonebooks, her skeletal, fur-covered remains only to be discovered years later when Jordan and Taylor finally decide they’ve had enough and sends their mom to live at Cedar Oaks, her entire worldly possessions suddenly confined to a toothbrush in a Ziploc bag and two Kit Kats.

Yeah, Denise, I did just bring your girls into it. Deal with it.

But onto my own precious find. I stumbled upon this shower caddy at a garage sale that I frankly wasn’t even sure I was going to attend. That is, before I remembered I don’t have anything better to do on a Saturday morning than root through stranger’s stuff.

The caddy is part of Ginsey Blissful Bath Shower series and is made of teak and stainless steel. With two spacious shelves and tiny razor hooks, it is both beautiful and functional.

Best of all: no cats were harmed in the purchasing of this item.


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