Glassware, Limit $.50

Just because we are thrifty, doesn’t mean we drink our Pepsi and Perrier out of the can. That’s why this week’s challenge is all about the value of fine, fine, fine glassware.

Item 1: Mid-century Modern Indiana Glass, Mt. Vernon Green

  • Denise’s Price: approx. 40 cents a glass (or $3 for the set of 7)
  • Retail Price: approx. $10 a glass (or $74 for the set of 7)
  • Source: Garage Sale

glasses 3

Denise’s Story:

I went to the garage sale of a kindred spirit – a gentleman who had enough tchotchkes to fill two households.  He had an interesting collection of vintage items including approximately 100 salt and pepper sets (and I only bought one…okay, two).  These wine glasses were made by Indiana Glass in Mount Vernon Green in 1967.

The seller said his daughter would be very happy to see these glasses go as she thought they were ugly. However, I think Pepsi will taste even better, if that is possible, in these glasses plus I will feel quite sophisticated drinking out of these in my pjs aka after 5pm attire.  I haven’t decided if I will collect this pattern; I’m pretending to be selective in my purchases but I’m sure you all see through me. I do look up to Donna who sets the bar pretty high, “Many of you know I’ve dedicated my life to Indiana Glass and its collectors.

Item 2: Handblown Rainbow-Ring Drinking Glasses

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jackie’s Story:

First off, do you really want to put your mouth on something that has been surrounded by tchotchkes? I heard a lady once died after her entire body was covered in bites from those things.

True story.

But onto my beautiful hand blown glasses. As you might have noticed, I have no retail price listed because when you find something as one-of-a-kind as these, even the Internet doesn’t know about them. Unlike Denise’s Game-of-Thrones-meets-Threes-Company-set, my glasses are both stunning and sleek, which means I won’t need to install an entire new cupboard to store them.

Then again, if the objects you drink out of were once swarming with tchotchkes maybe you want that extra cupboard…for quarantine purposes.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Concerned Voter says:

    Correction: I know for a fact Denise actually got 8 glasses (not 7). There goes that Jackie again plus obviously not writing her story until after seeing Denise’s. Is that cheating? Is that an unfair advantage? YES JACKIE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Scott says:

    Jackie, I need those rainbow glasses. They’re awesome!

    Denise, what were you thinking??!!


    1. Former Friend of Scott's says:

      You are the most cynical and untrusting person yet you are willing to believe without any documentation or proof what Jackie says. First Diane came between us and now Jackie.


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