Shiny Red Things, Limit $25

Like Spanish bulls and vampires, we often find ourselves drawn to red things. So what better way to express our love of crimson than with this week’s challenge!

Item 1: Vintage Chalet Glass

  • Denise’s Price:  $24.99
  • Retail Price:  $70
  • Source:  Value Village (VV Boutique)


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Denise’s Story:

I still remember buying my first piece of Chalet glass.  It had been sitting all day waiting for someone to appreciate it.  I thought it looked interesting and quirky and only $2.  I later found out that piece was worth around $150 and highly collectible.

Chalet Glass is a mid-century modern product made in Cornwall, Ontario.  Each piece is unique as they are handmade involving glass blowing and stretching.  So far I’ve collected over 20 pieces.  The least I’ve paid is $2 and the most is $30 with the majority being around $5.  This piece is bright red-orange and is signed with the name Chalet etched in the bottom of the glass. Not all pieces have the signature or even a label.   It will be joining the others sitting on the fireplace mantel where my cat, StarQuiz, likes to taunt me by weaving her way through them.

Item 2: Vintage Aurora Borealis Brooch


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Jackie’s Story:

Okay, wait. What? StarQuiz. Am the only one here who thinks that sounds more like an astrology app than a cat name?

Anyway. Whatever his name, I can guarantee you that I would become his number one bestie with one flick of this bad-ass brooch.

Coated in a special finish which was applied to rhinestones and beads in the early 1950’s to make them more radiant and Northern-Lights-like, this piece of vintage jewellery projects a dazzling sprinkle of sparkles wherever I go. It’s like wearing a tiny a disco ball.

Forget laser pointers. Just imagine the fun StarQuiz could have chasing after my brooch’s tiny, glowing constellation.

That is, until his untimely accident with a massive, red object that looks suspiciously like a medieval weapon.

But hey, Denise loves her Chalet. And that’s what’s important here.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott says:

    Denise, this will go perfect with Jackie’s set of rainbow glasses from last week. Name your price, I’ll take them both!!

    BTW, even after all those horrible things you said about me last week, I’m still your best friend ever.

    You’re welcome.


    1. jackie Amsden says:

      Oh dear Scott, our treasures (unlike our affections) cannot be purchased.


    2. Denise says:

      I think it takes two people to be best friends, Scott.


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