Past Challenge: Porcelain Collectibles for $10

It may look like an endless parade of good times and garage sales, but don’t be fooled. Thrifting can be a dangerous mistress and this week’s challenge is all about our struggles against the dark side…

Item 1: Skye McGhie Rose Brocade Porcelain

  • Denise’s Price: $10 for all 4 pieces
  • Retail Price: $291.37 (replacement price)
  • Source: Garage sale



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Denise’s Story:

She was a sweet looking woman in her 70s with a brilliant sales tactic, “You’ll regret it if you don’t buy the whole set.”  Thoughts raced through my head:  Is this women threatening me? Wow, regret is a strong word to use.  Will Jackie be sad if I buy it and then get the most votes?  If I don’t buy it, will it become my “one that got away” story?  And about 1.3 seconds later, I had made my difficult decision.

Saying “regret” to a thrifter is like throwing gasoline on a fire! I was only going to buy the cream and sugar for $3 because I wasn’t sure I would use the serving dishes.  (I like to pretend that I only buy practical items but I guess this competition has exposed the dark truth.)  Skye McGhie porcelain is apparently vintage and collectible – see I do have good taste! That’s directed at my children who are already asking if they can sell all my dishes when I die.  This porcelain is so pretty, I’m afraid I’m going to have to start collecting it.  If anyone has an empty garage or warehouse available to rent…

Morals of this story:  1.  Listen to your elders; 2.  Take advantage of reformed hoarders selling their junktreasures.

Item 2: Vintage Mickey Mouse Music Box

  • Jackie’s Price: $8
  • Retail Price: $30
  • Source: Estate Sale

Jackie’s Story:

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is trying to infect other people with it.

To be fair, I have always had a soft spot for things that make that make the distinctive tinkling melodies we associate with music boxes. When I was 12, I shunned the Walkman my sister had demanded for her Christmas present and opted instead for a porcelain cat wearing clown that danced as it played. When I was 16 I bought a Micky Mouse watch that belted out “It’s A Small World” and “The Mickey Mouse Anthem” while the second whirled in maniacal circles.

Though I still have the cat, I ruined the watch–which is probably a big part of why I was drawn to this music box. As you can see, the music box plays the Anthem while rotating slowly on it’s base. Made in Japan, it dates back to the 1980s.

However, while it is wonderful to hear that music again, I must confess that it also represents a serious threat to me.

Ever since I picked it up, Denise has gone out of her way to point out music boxes at every stop we go to. “I’m just being helpful,” she says. But we know the truth. She said it herself in this week’s post. SHE IS TRYING TO TURN ME INTO A HOARDER LIKE HER!

So far I have resisted, but who knows how long it will be before my apartment turns into the opening scene of some horror movie with dozens of tiny tinkles blending into an overwhelming discordant blare–my one year old baby sitting in the middle of the living floor…just…staring.

God. Help. Me.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s like you want to marry me and can’t resist mentioning me. You are obssessed!

    Sent from my iPod


    1. jackie Amsden says:

      Oh Denise, I could never marry you–we’d fight too much over the dress.


  2. Denise Alexander says:

    Denise, love the blue & white, I would steal that from you. Claire is here and she agrees wholeheartedly.


    1. Denise #1 says:

      Hi Denise and Claire! So glad you both approve. I ask myself “would Denise #2 buy this?”


  3. Jackie left out the part where I saw this music box first at the garage sale and showed it to her as well as some jewelry she might like. And this is how I get repaid for my considerate acts. Yeesh!


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