Silver Things, Limit $5

Because all good the best dreams should be silver-plated, we bring you this week’s challenge. May it bring a sparkles to your day–if not your kitchens cupboards…

Kitchenware, Limit $.50

A cup of coffee, a slice of cherry pie, a ten-litre jug of tequila…we all have little vices that help us get through the day. And to celebrate the joy they bring us, we bring you this week’s challenge.

Past Challenge: Porcelain Collectibles for $10

It may look like an endless parade of good times and garage sales, but don’t be fooled. Thrifting can be a dangerous mistress and this week’s challenge is all about our struggles against the dark side…

Salt and Pepper Shakers, Limit $3

Forget what they say about sodium and blood pressure! We love us some salty goodness, especially when it comes with a smattering of vintage style……

Kitchenware, Limit $3

Some people think kitchen’s are for cooking. And then there are those of us that know they are just another decorating opportunity. For everyone who microwaves frozen pizzas because how do you even turn on the oven?, we bring you this week’s challenge.